Coconut updates
Coconut updates

🧾 Adding manual transactions - iOS 1.34.0





You can now manually add income and expenses that aren't captured through the bank account you have connected to Coconut (this could be cash payments, using a different card, etc). We’ve made this as flexible as possible so that you can use it for different cases, for example:

  • Use it to track your home working allowances
  • Track a part of a transaction that contained both personal and business costs
  • Record fees that do not appear in your bank transactions, e.g. Paypal fees Include cash transactions

How do I manually record a transaction?

Head to your Transactions tab, select the "+" symbol and let the app guide you through each screen:

Investor update | Manual TX@1x.png

You can re-categorise or delete a manual transaction at any point.

Remember, it’s much more efficient to connect your external accounts and have your data automatically update. But, we understand that this isn't always possible and hopefully this new feature will help keep your tax estimate and reports as accurate as possible.