Coconut updates
Coconut updates

🧑‍🤝‍🧑 Add multiple recipients to invoices - iOS 1.36.0





We know how important invoicing is to everyone who uses Coconut. So, we’ve made it even easier for you to get paid by improving this feature and allowing you to add multiple recipients to each invoice.

Now you can send invoices to your main client as well as the people (or person) responsible for making payments.

Investor update | CC on Invoices@1x.png

💰 The new and improved tax tab - iOS 1.35.0





We’ve redesigned the tax tab to make sure everything you need is easier to find. You’ll see that tax estimates and the figures for your tax return are clearly sign-posted -- so you can get to them quickly. Plus, we’re working on being able to help you with payments on account and you can register your interest for this feature straight from the app.

We’ve also moved a few things around - tax vaults can now be found from the ‘More’ tab.

🧾 Adding manual transactions - iOS 1.34.0





You can now manually add income and expenses that aren't captured through the bank account you have connected to Coconut (this could be cash payments, using a different card, etc). We’ve made this as flexible as possible so that you can use it for different cases, for example:

  • Use it to track your home working allowances
  • Track a part of a transaction that contained both personal and business costs
  • Record fees that do not appear in your bank transactions, e.g. Paypal fees Include cash transactions

How do I manually record a transaction?

Head to your Transactions tab, select the "+" symbol and let the app guide you through each screen:

Investor update | Manual TX@1x.png

You can re-categorise or delete a manual transaction at any point.

Remember, it’s much more efficient to connect your external accounts and have your data automatically update. But, we understand that this isn't always possible and hopefully this new feature will help keep your tax estimate and reports as accurate as possible.

🗓️ Monthly expenses overview, search transactions and more - iOS 1.33.0





Knowing the ins and outs of your business finances allows you to make better decisions each day. This is why we’ve introduced the Business tab (currently only available for Sole Traders).

Investor update | Monthly view@1x.png

With this new monthly snapshot of income and expenses you can see:

  • What transactions have been categorised as income/expenses for the month to get a clear view of how your business is doing.
  • A view of how much you need to save for income tax, your national insurance, and any student loans (you can set your own rules for these)
  • Additional saving opportunities for your pension, rainy day fund, and personal savings (plus you can decide on the percentage that you save in the settings).
  • Plus, you can see the overview from the previous month to see how things have changed.

Some of the other things we’ve worked on this month:

  • Search transactions - gone are the days of scrolling through transactions to find the one you’re looking for. Now you can search for anything from a client or business name to references and get results in seconds.
  • Your logo on the combined transactions list - for those of you who have uploaded your logo to Coconut, you might have spotted it appearing in a few more places… making it look a little bit more like home.

💳 Combined transaction view - iOS 1.31.0





One of the many reasons that we allow customers to connect Coconut to multiple bank accounts is because rarely do all business transactions come from a single account. Now, to make it easier for you to keep track of all your transactions, we’ve created a combined transaction view. With it, you’ll see:

  • All of your business transactions across all of the accounts you have connected to Coconut, in one place.
  • You can export too! (tap the ‘Business transactions’ icon at the top of the page to see this option)

Investor update | Combined TX List@1x.png